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I had a dream last night that I was at a youtube party and I bumped into Markiplier and he was going to read the plot to the comic I’m making. Everyone was reading it and they all had flat faces so I couldn’t tell if it was going well. Right when they looked up…

                                                                   …I woke up.

Comic Update 7/26/14

So I’ve begun posting several comics and some are starting to be crafted.

Goodbye My Dear - Collab with KasuKane

  • Posted and updating!

Mikail and SMiZ Chronicles: Prologue - Collab with MikailMaddixx 

  • Posted and updating!

Alexis: The Zombie - Original work

  • Posted and updating!

Markiplier the Fan Comic - Fan comic!

  • In rough draft stages! (Want pictures?)

Pewdiepie the Fan Comic - Fan comic!

  • Plotted but not drawn.
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